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Owner Operated Companies vs Big Companies

One of the biggest advantage is customer service. An owner operated companies you will receive the best service that you can imagine in this business. In Calgary, we tried to do our shopping and talked to numerous companies, and believe me they were not all perfect.

We encountered with problems like, people forgot about our appointment, customization was not there, technician was rushing us to make an easy decision that did not fit our needs. There were also moments, when we tried to negotiate pricing on custom made blinds, but were rejected for simple reason that he doesn’t own the company and can’t do anything.

We don’t blame anyone for that, as at the end of the day owner are the one that are choosing how to run their business.

With big companies, we saw many expenses that of course increased prestige and presence of the company – like company vans, uniforms, show rooms, mobile showrooms, huge expenditures on advertisements etc.

Our company, doesn’t think these expenses are necessary to run an efficient service based company. Thus, we eliminated this all, so our customers can have pure service rates and aim for the best quality products.