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Why Zebra blinds?

Filter daylight and minimize UV rays! Zebra blinds are made with double or triple layer fabrics, consisting of colored stripes and sheer layers. Zebra blinds filter daylight and minimize UV rays. Zebra will perfectly match your homes, offices, schools, hotels, hospitals, etc. Calgary Blinds Company Zebra blinds will bring a modern and elegant look to your interior.
If you want some cool moments, closing the blinds will help you achieve such a desire. You can adjust the level of natural light simply by pulling the chain or pressing on the button on your remote control with our motorized options.

Zebra Blinds fits any interior. You choose your style and fabric and we will take care of the rest!

Zebra blinds’ sleek design and light controllability make them ideal for any space. Lower Zebra blinds when you need some privacy or leave them open when you want more sunlight.

Check out this video! We have wide selection of fabric and style that will fit your unique interior.

Custom roller blinds

Zebra Blinds are the modern alternative to traditional blinds and shades!

The Zebra Blinds are the modern alternative to traditional blinds and shades. They feature a mesh design that allows you to easily control light levels. These classic shades come in both sheer or blackout fabrics. The sheer fabric looks stylish and is perfect for maintaining an open feeling in your space, while the blackout option blocks out bright light when desired – all while adding a tailored look to your home décor.